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Our teleprompter service packages include all necessary technology as well as one of our experienced technicians. We offer two basic types of teleprompter packages; Television/Film Production & Public Speaking/Presidential. Every electronic component is backed up by a duplicate unit on every job.

Television/Video Production
Our television/video package includes a state-of-the-art Telescript™ computer prompting system with 1 display. The display unit can be mounted on the camera's tripod head or configured for freestanding operation. Additional prompting displays can be added as needed.

Public Speaking/Presidential
Our standard public speaking package includes a state-of-the-art Telescript computer prompting system and 2 presidential displays to cover 1 podium. Prompter displays for a second podium can be added.

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Our rates are based on 8 hours of our technician and gear on your site within the national capital metropolitan area. The half-day television/film production rate covers 4 hours on site. Overtime is billed at $75.00 per hour.

     Standard Package (One Display)
        • Full Day—$550.00
        • Half Day—$425.00
• Additional Displays—$150.00 each
        • DV-8 for Steadicam/Handheld Shots—$75.00
        • Wide Frame for Wide Angle Lens—$75.00
        • High-Brightness Display for Outdoors—$50.00
        • Remote Power System—$100.00
        • Teradek® Wireless Video System—$200.00
• For interview situations in which you would like to see the interviewer's face displayed in front of lens, our teleprompter displays can be configured for the "Interatron" set-up. Our displays can take HDMI, SDI or NTSC signals from a secondary, customer-provided camera. Call for pricing.


     Presidential Package—$750.00
         • Additional Podium—$350.00
     Downstage Monitors—Call for Prices
     Technician & Computers Only—$600.00
     * Call for special rates for set-ups and rehearsals.

Weekend jobs carry a $50.00 labor surcharge. Mileage and travel time is billed on jobs located more than 25 miles from Washington, DC.