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Telescript DC is an affiliate of Telescript, Inc., the premiere manufacturer of teleprompting systems in the United States. We, like other serious prompting professionals across the U.S. and around the world, use their systems on all of our jobs.

Telescript Pro Prompting Program:

The heart of the prompting system is the laptop-based prompting program. Telescript DC fields the Telescript Pro program—the tool of choice for prompting professionals—on all jobs. Our current platform is the Dell Latitude E-series laptop: fast, sturdy, and reliable.

Francis, Teleprompter Technicians in Bethesda, MD

Telescript tech Jason Altomare with two Dell
Latitude’s running Telescript Pro prompting software.

Video Displays—“Lens View”:
Our standard video package is built around the Telescript Fold n’ Go system, light, portable, and versatile. We can mount the prompting display on your fluid head, for moving shots, or support the prompting display on its own tripod if the shot is static. Our standard monitors are 15” state-of-the-art multisync LCDs, with a brightness of 500nts. We can also supply high brightness monitors for outdoor locations, with a brightness of 1800nts. The entire display unit, with mounting hardware included, weighs just under fifteen pounds. We can mount the unit on film cameras, full-size video cameras, or smaller DV cams, and can work with any tripod and fluid head that can accommodate the weight. The 15” system is viewable from up to 25 feet. In those rare instances where more throw is needed, we can supply a 17” monitor.

Francis, Teleprompter Technicians in Bethesda, MD

Telescript free-standing prompting display. Here the prompting display is supported by its own tripod. Camera lens enters through the cloth shroud behind the words, so talent eyeline is directly into lens. This is the most common display mode for straight-forward talking head shots, with static camera (on sticks) and
static talent.

Francis, Teleprompter Technicians in Bethesda, MD

Free-standing Telescript Prompting Display on-set
with Gonzo Accame of Visual Edge Productions.

Francis, Teleprompter Technicians in Bethesda, MD

A pre-shoot check at Chesapeake Camera—Telescript Prompting Display
mounted on Arri 35mm camera to be used for Carmax national tv spots.

Francis, Teleprompter Technicians in Bethesda, MD

Telescript Prompting Display mounted on camera’s tripod—necessary when
talent is moving in shot, or when camera itself is moving (on dolly, etc.).
On set with Dave Krupin of GVI

Francis, Teleprompter Technicians in Bethesda, MD

Telescript Prompting Display mounted on jib—on set with Fox News on the National Mall.

Video Display—“Direct View”:

For interview simulation, dramatic scenes and over-the-shoulder reads, we can mount the prompter display(s) off-axis, at any location around the set.
Displays up to 22" are available.

Francis, Teleprompter Technicians in Bethesda, MD

Telescript "Direct View" prompting display. No glass needed, as talent is looking off-lens.


Video Displays--DV-8:

For Steadicam and handheld shots, Telescript DC offers the Telescript DV-8. Weighing in at less that four pounds, the unit can be mounted directly to a standard rod system. If rod connections are not available, we provide a mounting sled. The system’s high-brightness display is outdoor-capable, and the unit draws power from a standard D-tap. For complete freedom from cabling, we can include the Teradek wireless video transmission system.

Dennis DV Closecrop, Teleprompter Technicians in Bethesda, MD


Podium Prompting Systems (“presidential”):

Our premiere podium systems are built around two high-brightness (1500 NTS) 17”LCDs, held in low-profile floor bases and projecting onto two beamsplitting glass panels supported by telescoping poles. The entire system, from computers to monitors, is VGA, for a crystal clear reproduction of the prompted text. The two display units sit at each front corner of the podium. We can place the displays on the stage, or in those cases where the podium is at the lip of the stage, the prompting displays can be placed on the floor just in front of the stage. For those jobs where budget is the primary concern, we can provide the podium prompting system with 15” normal brightness (500NTS) monitors, for $100 less. However, for all high profile stagings, we highly recommend the 17” high-brightness monitors.

Francis, Teleprompter Technicians in Bethesda, MD

Telescript Podium Prompting system on stage prior to a recent meeting of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees.

Francis, Teleprompter Technicians in Bethesda, MD

 Telescript Podium Prompting system from the presenter’s perspective

Public Speaking Support (Downstage Monitors):

If your presenters needing prompter support are not at a podium but are going “mobile,” you will want to provide them with downstage teleprompter displays. Telescript DC can provide a range of monitor sizes on unobtrusive floor stands for these situations. Call for pricing.

Telescript DC Downstage Monitor Crop in Bethesda, MD

DC Power:
On shoot locations where AC power is not available, we can provide our own power system, based around a battery-powered DC-AC inverter.

One note on Back-ups:
We keep our gear up-to-date, and equipment breakdowns are rare. But to give our clients an added level of security, we back up every electronic component (computers, monitors, hand controllers) on every job with a duplicate unit.